About Midway Medical Clinic II


Our Mission

  • To provide easily accessible, quality services by a team of trained and qualified physicians and nurses to the area’s industries and their employees and contractors.
  • To help the companies and their employees in their time of need in dealing with injuries, exposures and illnesses work related to the best of our abilities at an affordable rate.
  • To efficiently utilize time by providing prompt and efficient services to both employer and employee that will expedite employees’ return to work.
  • To promote Health and Safety in the industry (employer and employees) and in the surrounding community as a whole in order to prevent illness and injury. Programs include: cigarette cessation; drug and alcohol; weight reduction; cardiovascular health, etc.
  • To gradually educate the industry (employer, employees) regarding thedevelopment and implementation of Health and Safety prevention.
  • To be leaders in Occupational and Environmental Medicine services, thus setting an example within the community.
  • To strive for the provision of services on a 24 hour / 7 day basis, including ON-SITE services for an industry or company requesting or requiring such.
  • To reduce the number and rate of “OSHA – recordable” work-related injuries and conditions through education and provision of follow-up “walk-through” survey and inspection by our own Clinical Providers and / or Industrial Health and Safety Professionals.
  • To ultimately, through application of the above listed goals and with theassistance of the employers, decrease employee absenteeism, increase employee productivity, and improve the overall health and safety of employees, resulting in a healthier, more industrious work force and a happier community as a whole.
  • To promote and expand the appropriate and complete application of principles and practices of Occupational and Environmental Medicine as established and confirmed by National and International governing organizations and specialty accreditation institutions.