Atwood & Clark Physical Exams

Physical examinations, pre-placement examinations, return to work examinations (fitness for duty exams), job simulations, D.O.T. medical examinations, specialized examinations for respirator / mask usage, hearing tests, pre—hiring examinations for positions with a potential for exposures.

Drug testing: Federally mandated test for drugs of abuse (D.O.T.) as requested by the employer. Also substance abuse testing for pre-employment, post-accident, return to work, index of suspicion / fitness for duty. Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services always included.

Provision of services of Travel Medicine for employers, employees and community which includes: Vaccination Program; Information about geographical areas including the potential for exposures to disease and recommendations / precautions before travel: Return to the United States evaluation, recommendations and tests. Always updated through Centers for Disease Control and Investigation (CDC).

Recommendations of Industrial Hygiene to keep recordable levels of chemical / toxic material exposures at their lowest. Evaluations of OSHA’s PEL (Permissible Exposure Limits). Work with companies to set controls if exposure levels are recorded higher than allowed. Work with OSHA’s local office to set up as well as participate in hearing when applicable.

Investigate exposure problem areas within companies with a safety team to locate source, measure exposure level, and if necessary, help to establish control measures as recommended by OSHA to keep recordable levels at their lowest. Provide statistics and comparisons to national standards at the company’s / employer’s request.

On-site visits will be conducted by our team to work with the company’s safety personnel, administration, and employees to provide education, evaluation and the exchange of information to ensure all concerned remain up-to-date on health and safety standards and requirements.

  • Guarantee a friendly atmosphere for employers, employees and their families.
  • Provision of IME (Independent Medical Examinations) at a reasonable rate and Impairment Rating (IRE)
  • Cigarette cessation, drug & alcohol rehab, metabolic control program (weight management)
  • Audiology testing (hearing) and noise conservation / control