Insurance Provider & Underwriter Services

  • Coordination of care of employees in conjunction with standards of practice of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
  • Coordination point for referrals for technological and diagnostic testing, including MRI, nerve conduction studies (NCV / EMG), occupational-related pulmonary disease investigation (including asbestosis), and others.
  • Coordinate care through PERSONAL examination and evaluation by our group of specialty trained experts, rather than by impersonal telephone consultation through third-party administrators.
  • Examinations can be performed at any of our clinical locations or arrangements can be made for onsite evaluation at the Employer’s location.
  • Assure that cognizant individuals at the Employer’s location and the Insurance Provider are aware of all facets of care, case management issues and valid justification for all aspects of the plan of care.
  • Assure that any and all subsequent consultant providers maintain the high standards of care and cost-effective processes set by Midway Medical Clinic II, Atwood and Clark Assoc.
  • Ensure that our referring physicians will assume that when consultations are made to medical sub-specialists and other health care providers, the subsequent reports will be timely and accurately reflect all aspects of care.
  • Reports will always be discussed with the patient, the employer’s representatives for Safety and / or Human Resources, as appropriate.
  • Any employee / patient who are deemed to require specialty care will be referred to Panel Providers who are approved by the Insurance Carrier and the Employer. Only when necessary in case of potential adverse outcome due to delay in treatment will a specific request be made to consult with non-Panel Providers.
  • Ensure that all billing for services is validated through proper use of CPT and level of service codes, well-documented medical record forms and clinician’s notes and timely submission through proper channels.

Our in-depth knowledge, understanding of and experience with Workers Compensation Insurance practices and protocols will preclude any possibility of protracted or fraudulent claims.